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    Sixteen interviews were accomplished at the outpatient clinic, after office hours, and another four at the patient's homes. Interviews took 40 to minutes to be completed and some needed an extra session. Some relevant social characteristics of the relatives included in the study are described in Table 1. Most of the relatives were parents or siblings, and aged between 20 and 75 years. Although most of them considered themselves as Catholics, they were affiliated to other religious persuasions.

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    The interview The in-depth interview consisted of a list, defined a priori, of topics and themes to be discussed with the patient's relatives. The interviewer decided, at the moment of the interview, which was the sequence of questions for each interview.

    Guidelines for the interview with relatives are described in Table 2. Besides the official Portuguese language, Creole is the colloquial language in Cape Verde.

    In order to facilitate the interview and to maintain rigor while grasping obscure thoughts, interviews were transcribed and translated into readable Portuguese by native Cape Verdeans living abroad college students living in Brazil. Analysis of the interviews began by dividing the subjects into themes and categories; these were examined and compared to one another, and were then either discarded or became part of the pillars of understanding, i.

    Results Each relative was invited to continually express an opinion about the patient's problem with the disease. Sometimes openly, often in a reserved way, the relative disagreed with the treatment received at the outpatient unit, which was described as insufficient or not efficacious, given the perceived nature of the problem. In other instances, the interviewee tried to explain the problem as not being as severe as mentioned by neighbors.

    In both cases, the relative was protecting the ill relative, and the entire family, from hearsay. Therefore, what was said was not neutral.

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    Quite the contrary, relatives were strongly committed for or against, the patient's acts. Besides that, this move to other meanings shows that the many labels and explanations for the problems can become accommodated without exclusion, and are not always totally unveiled by the interviewee.

    For instance, the different causes mentioned for a given disease can alternate as being supernatural and organic, during the course of the talk with the same person. The "Tired Head" The majority of the relatives interviewed do not consider their kin under study as being "mad". Relatives usually state that the patient's problem is less serious than those of the "really mad".

    In fact, examples of really insane people include people who live on the streets, are abandoned by their families, and people who cannot talk coherently, and those who are dirty and can be aggressive in a sudden and inexplicable way.

    They don't even change clothes, they don't do anything. Confused people, people with a dazed head, I think Rafael is not this kind of person. He is different, not because he is my brother, but he's different.

    At least he changes his clothes, likes to take a walk, sometimes he's got a little money, ok, and he takes the bus and goes for a ride. Very often the driver recognizes him, he doesn't even want to receive the fare money, because Rafael is not the kind of person who insults or bothers other people, he takes his ride, rides the bus and then gets off.

    So he doesn't mess with other people's lives, which is what happens to those people who have a troubled mind. Pretty different from those on the streets, he greets everybody, and everybody respects him.

    Thus, the "tired head" is a serious problem; a drastic reaction and the consequence of past difficulties, possibly affecting irreversibly the mental performance. Therefore, it is somewhat broader than simple weariness of the mind, as the expression could lead us to believe.

    In Cape Verde the expressions "exhaustion", "fatigue", "to tire", besides meaning weariness caused by an effort, are also used to convey the meaning of annoyance, contrariety and irritation.

    Semantically, the appropriate translation for this expression would be weary head or perturbed head, thus better conveying the meaning Cape Verdeans give to the word cansada or tired. So it is Sometimes, stories of students under pressure for results in exams were mentioned, in which suffering and great concern, together with the lack of rest, food, and sleep may lead to the weary head.

    As a result, those students forget what they have studied, even basic learning is forgotten; they become restless and neglectful of their personal appearance, then go walking around in the streets, and many times do not even recognize other people.

    I don't know if she felt ashamed at school Because there are many teachers who are too demanding. I don't know if my daughter's illness She never told me anything, but maybe she felt ashamed because of something at school, in the middle of some class, she felt, it could be like this, too. Because there are many school children who ended up with their heads like that".

    These statements evoke the brain fag syndrome, described in the literature as a culture-bound syndrome particularly affecting West Africa teenagers at school, who have problems when under pressure, both at school and at home.

    The "nervous" The words "nervous" and "nerve" are not always linked to the patient's illness itself. They also apply to cases of disease caused by ordinary, everyday situations. In this case, it may be said that someone is "nerve stricken" atacado de nervos , meaning more a state than a cause.

    Thus "nervous" usually applies to understandable and acceptable situations that can occur in anyone's life, indicating precisely that this specific patient has never suffered - or is not presently suffering - from anything serious, something more than a simple case of "nervous" affliction. Well, I think that for everybody, life is like this, isn't it? Everybody has this 'nervousness', some more than others. At the same time, this "nervous" is vaguely located somewhere in the body.

    The "nerves of head" and "nerves through the body", especially those nerves located in the limbs are affected, overexcited, "stiff, rigid", altering the body regulation, blood pressure for instance. Considering the patient's problem as emerging from evil forces whose origin is supernatural can bring up a variety of elements that are constantly mixed. These elements convey a group of negative values that represent "evil": dirtiness, impurity, disrespect to moral rules, envy, greed, rancor, etc.

    Table 3 refers to supernatural causes mentioned by the patients' relatives. The rationale for the negative or malign forces follows vectorial relationships as in physics: a sum of negative forces is cancelled out by an opposite force, therefore a positive protective force, which can also bounce or reflect evil to another human target.

    If I am doing evil to this person and if this person is not in debt, then evil may drop by at your house, as the elder say, it could fall inside my house, striking someone there, and the one to whom it was directed at will be at ease. Yes, it happens, it happens. This susceptibility was also found in people who keep bad company and develop "bad habits". That man [healer] just glanced at the T-shirt and said 'your sister suffers hard; you must take care of her'.

    He even said that her relatives had put her in that situation That is, the disease she [the sister-in-law] put to my father, my father was not walking around late at night anymore Since all the cases under study had been seen at the hospital's mental health service, most of them for many years, we assumed that their relatives were more familiar with medical concepts than the average layman.

    In effect, their vocabulary included terms like mental illness, a troubled mind, and mental imbalance.

    Actually, these words were used completely out of the biomedical context, having no precise meaning, being used in popular sayings and vocabulary. Interviews often revealed a relationship of the troubled family member under treatment, with bodily affections or bad functioning, such as a nerve problem, or as visible signs that can appear as a sign of body dysfunction.

    Cases of trauma, swelling, headache, nausea, vomiting, and fainting, are considered by them signs of trouble in the head. But that was induced. She said to me: dad, I feel such a headache Therefore, the body was then suffering the consequences of that "imprudence". The term "imprudence" appears here and there as the non-compliance with standards and health care, which can lead to illness.

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