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Warriors Super Edition: Tallstar's Revenge is an epic stand-alone adventure in Erin Hunter's #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series! This never-before-told. firestar's quest-download it here. bluestar's prophecy-download it here. tallstar's revenge-download it here. skyclan's destiny-download it here. bramblestar's. sijiNehh - Read and download Erin Hunter's book Warriors Super Edition: Tallstar's Revenge in PDF, EPub online. Free Warriors Super Edition.

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Tallstars Revenge Epub

[Super Edition 06] - Tallstars Revenge - dokument [*.epub] Dedication Special thanks to Kate Cary Contents Dedication Allegiances Maps. Warriors Super Edition: Firestar's Quest. By Erin Hunter. EPUB $ Warriors Super Edition: Tallstar's Revenge · Warriors Super Edition: Bluestar's Prophecy. Erin Hunter pdf epub ebooks. not all downloaded ROMS can just be unzipped and played. Lucky Monica.

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Tallstar's Revenge

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I've earned it. Wisdom will come with experience. Until then, let my words guide you. It is the only way he will discover where he truly belongs. He glanced back at the nursery. The warm, milky scent of his mother drifted from the entrance. Inside the thick gorse den, Brackenwing soothed her. This was only his second sunrise outside the nursery, and his paws pricked with excitement.

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A light dusting of snow had turned the camp white, frosting the tussocky grass and thick heather walls. The freezing air stung his nose. He fluffed up his fur. Barkkit pawed at the white tip of Tallkit's black tail. His white muzzle and white paws would just make it easier for him to hide in the snow!

Shrewkit bounced past him. They were three moons older and twice his size, but he was determined to keep up with them. He'd only opened them for the first time a few sunrises ago and they were still slowly adjusting to sunlight after the cozy gloom of the nursery.

He blinked up at the high slab of granite where Barkkit had told him Heatherstar stood to address the Clan. It loomed, jagged and dark, from a wide, sandy crater, which encircled it like an empty pool. The Meeting Hollow.

Warriors Super Edition: Firestar's Quest

Tallkit gazed into it wide-eyed. At the bottom, Heatherstar, Hawkheart, and Reedfeather huddled beside the stone, their breath billowing as they spoke. Hawkheart looked up and caught Tallkit's eye over the rim. Tallkit shifted his paws. The dark glint in the medicine cat's gaze made him nervous. Palebird had warned him to stay away from the gray-brown tom; he had little patience for kits. Let's go to my den. He scraped up a pawful of snow and flung it at Barkkit. The wind snatched the flakes and tossed them back into his whiskers.

As he sneezed, Barkkit purred with amusement. You're scary! Tallkit backed away as their dark brown pelts scuffed the snow.

It must be fun to have a littermate to play fight with. If only Finchkit hadn't died. Shrewkit leaped free of his brother's grip.

Warriors Ebooks : Erin Hunter : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

What would the moor look like when the heavy snows came and the world turned completely white? Palebird had warned Tallkit that leaf-bare hit WindClan hardest of all the Clans, because the moor touched the sky. But this also made them more special, and safer.

Barkkit raced after him. Tallkit followed, not caring where they chose to play.

Warriors Super Edition: Firestar's Quest

It felt great to be outside, the grass cold on his pads as he raced across it. The pale gray tom was crossing his path with Aspenfall. The warriors were heading to the prey heap, carrying fresh-kill. Wind-ruffled from the moor, they'd brought food for the Clan. Tallkit gazed at them, impressed by their long legs and wiry tails.

They were moor runners, which meant they served WindClan by hunting and patroling the borders, and Tallkit could smell heather on their pelts. In the brittle patch of bracken where the tunnelers made their nests, Woollytail looked up from washing his mud-streaked belly. Like all the cats who served the Clan by carving out new tunnels and shoring up old ones far beneath the moor, his pelt was permanently stained with sand and dust.

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